Bill Clinton campaigns for Hillary in Southern California


On Friday, Bill Clinton attended four events in Southern California on behalf of Hillary Clinton. The first event was in Burbank where he spoke about Hillary’s experience and her robust platform plans to move America forward. He also spoke about violence at a rally held by Republican nominee Donald Trump in San Jose. Bill asked Hillary’s supporters to listen to all ideas respectfully and peacefully. He said, “If people want to protest Mr. Trump or Hillary or me or anyone, fine, but it should be peaceful. People should be able to have their say. We should listen to everybody respectfully. We can win this argument; we don’t need to shout it down.” Bill concluded by asking for voters’ support in the June 7 Democratic primary. A video from a member of the audience is below.

He then spoke at Get Out the Vote events in Pacoima, Woodland Hills, and Santa Monica. At each of the events, he continued to tout Hillary’s experience and platform. At each event, he criticized Trump and the Republicans. In Santa Monica, Bill said that it wasn’t until Hillary left the State Department that the attacks on her began. He said, “All these Republicans were slobbering all over her ’til she left the state department, thought she was wonderful.” Bill asked for voters’ support in the upcoming primary. Additional videos from the day’s events will be posted when/if available.

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News Source: The Los Angeles Times, Variety, Daily Mail