Bill Clinton Campaigns in Los Angeles Area


On Saturday, Bill Clinton campaigned on behalf of Hillary Clinton in three cities in the Los Angeles area. His first event was in Inglewood where he spoke about Hillary’s platform plans and the importance of continuing the successes of the Obama administration. Bill also went after Republican nominee Donald Trump saying that his pledged to “make America great again” is a signal for something else. “He means: ‘I’ll make it the way it used to be.’ Well, it wasn’t so great for a lot of people,” he said. He continued the attacks on Trump saying, “we’ve got to start acting like Americans again and stop dumping all over each other.” Before meeting with supporters in the crowd, he asked for voters’ support in Tuesday’s primary. A video from the event will be added when/if available.

Bill then spoke at Get Out the Vote rallies in Torrance and Compton. At each event, he touted Hillary’s experience and her plans to ensure that every American has equal opportunities. Bill argued that Hillary’s vision of America is vastly different from that of Trump and that it is important for voters to understand that Trump is campaigning on fear while Hillary is optimistic about America’s future. Bill said that in order for the progress of the last eight years to continue, electing Hillary is vital. A partial video from the event in Torrance is below.

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News Source: CBS Los Angeles, The Los Angeles Times