Hillary Clinton Wins Washington, DC Primary


On Tuesday, Hillary Clinton won the Democratic primary in Washington, DC defeating rival Senator Bernie Sanders. With 46.9% of precincts reporting, Clinton currently leads Sanders 78.9% to 20.9%. Clinton secured enough delegates to grab the Democratic nomination following last week’s primaries, and tonight’s election in DC represents the last primary in the cycle. The next event for the Democratic Party will be the Democratic Convention July 25-29, 2016.

Tonight, Clinton and Sanders met in Washington, DC to discuss the path forward and ensure that Republican Donald Trump is not elected president in November. Both campaigns released a statement saying that the meeting went well. A Clinton campaign official said, “The two discussed a variety of progressive issues where they share common goals like raising wages for working families, eliminating undisclosed money in politics and reducing the cost of college for students and their families.” Clinton has made it clear that she is willing to work with Sanders to ensure unity within the Democratic Party, but Sanders has refused to concede.

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News Source: NBC News, Politico