Clinton Proposes Protections for Small Business


On Thursday, Hillary Clinton and her campaign released her proposal to protect small businesses that do business with larger businesses. Clinton cited the failure of Republican Donald Trump’s Atlantic City casino as an example of a decision that harmed a number of small, local businesses. The key point of the plan to prevent big business from stiffing small businesses when the bill is due. The plan would give small business owners the tools to fight back. The full proposal can be read on The Briefing, but an outline of the plan is below:

  • Enhance legal protections for small businesses that are repeatedly stiffed by large firms and give them better tools to protect themselves against predatory behavior by large companies.
  • Use the leverage of more than $400 billion in federal government contracting to encourage businesses to pay their suppliers in full and on time.
  • Expand working capital for small businesses so they can thrive and grow, and weather difficulties when larger customers stiff them or do not pay on time.
  • Strengthen oversight and penalties when large companies repeatedly stiff smaller businesses and give small businesses better tools to protect themselves against predatory behavior.
    • Ensure federal regulatory oversight of proven bad actors.
    • Stop large companies from using expensive litigation hurdles to deny small businesses their right to a remedy ā€“ and give small businesses recourse to take on predatory behavior.
  • Use the leverage of more than $400 billion in federal government contracting to ensure big businesses pay their suppliers on time.
    • Push for prompt payment through the power of the federal purse.
    • Expedite payments to federal contractors.
    • Increase federal contracting with small businesses.
  • Expand support for working capital so small businesses can grow and thrive.
    • Expand access to working capital.
    • Lower working capital fees for small businesses in underserved communities.

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News Source: The Briefing, The Washington Post