Hillary Clinton Interviewed on CNN, PBS

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On Friday, Hillary Clinton appeared on CNN where she was interviewed by Wolf Blitzer. During the interview, Blitzer asked Clinton about the conclusion of the FBI’s investigation into her email practices as Secretary of State. She said, “It was a mistake for me to use personal email. And I regret that. I am certainly relieved and glad that the investigation has concluded but I also know how important it is to make sure everybody understands that I would certainly not do that again.” The State Department has opened an inquiry into Clinton’s email use as well as email use in the department.

Clinton and Blitzer also discussed recent racial tensions including the police killings of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile and the murder of five police officers in Dallas. Clinton responded saying that we need to more as a country to respect each other and the police. She spoke about her proposed plans for criminal justice reform saying that there needs to be a clearer guideline for police to use force, and more needs to be done to protect our law enforcement officers. A video from the interview is below.

Update: Clinton also spoke with Judy Woodruff for PBS NewHour. During the interview, Clinton called for a national standard for police forces to follow in light of the events in Baton Rouge, Minnesota, and Dallas. Woodruff also asked Clinton about the FBI’s investigation into her email server. Clinton challenged the call by many Republicans to revoke her access to classified material. She argued that she has been mindful of sensitive information saying, “Well, I think there is a lot of evidence to that, based on eight years as a senator handling a lot of classified material, based as four years as a secretary of state, handling classified material, which, in my view, didn’t include what was sent on an unclassified system, and certainly was the judgment of the hundreds of people with experience and expertise who dealt with me.” A video of the interview is below and a transcript is available HERE.

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News Source: PBS, CNN