Clinton Proposes Universal Health Care

933DEM 2016 Clinton

On Saturday, Hillary Clinton and her campaign released an expansion to her health care plan that provides additional details on how, as president, she would achieve universal health care. Parts of the plan are suggestions from the campaign of former Democratic rival Senator Bernie Sanders. The expanded plan has three primary points:

  1. Work with state governors to expand Medicaid in every state.
  2. Reign in the cost of health care by ensuring low premiums, reforming the prescription drug industry to allow for price negotiations, and capping the maximum out of pocket expenses for a family per year.
  3. Expand Medicare to all Americans 55 years old and older.

In the release, Clinton stresses the importance of insuring all Americans and ensuring that everyone has access to affordable health care, dental and vision care, and affordable prescription drugs. The full plan is available on The Briefing.

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News Source: CBS News, The Briefing