HFA Statement on Trump’s VA Reforms


On Monday, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump laid out his plan for reforming the Department of Veterans Affairs. His plan calls for a mix of government and private care options for our nation’s veterans. Hillary for America advisor, and Army veteran, Bishop Garrison released a statement saying that the plan was the first step to privatizing the VA and would not address the current issues. He argued that Hillary Clinton’s plan to update the VA systems to include modern technology is a better option for veterans and their families. A copy of the statement is below:

“Make no mistake about what Donald Trump just laid out. The policy reforms he proposed would put us irreversibly on a path toward the wholesale privatization of the VA. We can and must fix the VA to ensure it provides top-of-the-line 21st century care for our veterans, and Hillary Clinton has laid out a plan to do exactly that. But Donald Trump’s proposal would gut the VA of the resources needed to provide high-quality, coordinated care. Fully privatizing the VA – the inevitable result of Trump’s proposals – is not a fix at all; it’s an ideological crusade that will only compound the problem. It would deprive our veterans of access to the specialized care they require and deserve and leave them at the mercy of a private health care market that’s ill-suited to handle their needs.”

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News Source: Time