Hillary Clinton Calls for Unity in Illinois Speech


On Wednesday, Hillary Clinton gave a speech at the Old State Capital in Springfield, Illinois. Speaking at the same venue as President Abraham Lincoln, Clinton gave a speech reminiscent of his “House Divided” speech in 1858. Clinton quotes Lincoln’s speech a number of time as she spoke about race and called for unity. “The challenges we face today do not approach those of Lincoln’s time, not even close, and we should be clear about that. But recent events across America have left people asking if we are still a house divided,” she said.

Clinton attacked Republican Donald Trump for turning the “Party of Lincoln” into the “Party of Trump.” She referred to Trump’s comments against Muslims, Mexicans, and women as an example of how Trump is a divisive figure. She said, “We need a president who can pull us together, not split us apart.” Clinton went on to say that “despite our best efforts and highest hopes, America’s long struggle with race is far from finished.” But if we work toward bridging the divides in the country, we will remain, in Lincoln’s words, “the last best hope on Earth.” A video of Clinton’s speech is below and a transcript can be read HERE.

Across the country fundraisers were held on behalf of Hillary for America. In St. Louis, Missouri, Clinton attended a fundraiser following her speech in Illinois. Senior Policy Advisor Jake Sullivan and Domestic Policy Advisor Sara Solow attended a lunch fundraiser in Menlo Park, California. Also in California, Trevor Houser spoke at a clean energy roundtable discussion that was hosted by Mike Levin and Michael Swords. Finally, in New York City, De’Ara Balenger attended a fundraiser hosted by Phil Mahla and Neil Printz, and Mary Delaney Penick and David Penick.

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News Source: Chicago Tribune, Time, Chicago Sun Times