Hillary Clinton Statement on End Citizens United PAC Endorsement


On Wednesday, Hillary Clinton received the endorsement of the End Citizens United PAC. In a release the group praised Clinton’s proposed plans for changing the current election cycle and her pledge to propose a constitutional amendment overturning the Supreme Court’s ruling. Clinton released a statement echoing the group’s commitment to overturning Citizens United and ensuring that all voters have a say in our democracy. A copy of Clinton’s statement is below.

“I am honored to have earned the endorsement of the End Citizens United PAC, an organization working tirelessly to fix our broken campaign finance system and restore control of our elections to the American people.

I have said from the beginning of my campaign that we need to be protecting people’s right to vote, not corporations’ right to buy elections. That means restoring the full power and protections of the Voting Rights Act and fighting back against Republican efforts to make it harder for women, young people, and people of color to vote by imposing onerous voting restrictions.

And it means overturning the disastrous Citizens United Supreme Court decision and putting our democracy back in the hands of the voters. In my first 30 days as President, I will propose a constitutional amendment to overturn Citizens United. I will appoint Supreme Court justices who understand that this decision deeply hurt our democracy, and I will fight for other progressive reforms to our campaign finance system, including more robust disclosure requirements, and measures that will make it easier for people who aren’t rich or well-connected to run for office, like small-donor matching.

But we can’t stop there. We should make it easier for people to vote–including through automatic voter registration and a minimum of 20 days of early, in-person voting. Together, we can restore people’s voices and people’s votes to their rightful place–at the center of American democracy.”

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News Source: End Citizens United