Hillary Clinton Addresses VFW Convention in Charlotte


On Monday, as the Democratic National Convention begins in Philadelphia, Hillary Clinton was in Charlotte, North Carolina where she addressed the annual Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) Convention. Clinton vowed to reform the Department of Veterans Affairs to fix the backlog and bring the technology into the current century. She promised that she would not privatize the VA as others have suggested. During her speech, she also went after Republican Donald Trump (who will address the WFW convention tomorrow). She criticized his “me” mentality saying, “You will never hear me say I will only listen to myself on national security.” Clinton also went after Trump’s statements about a number of our key allies saying, “I believe in standing with our allies. Generations of American troops fought and died to secure those bonds. They knew we were safer with more friends and partners.” A video of Clinton’s speech is below.

Clinton then spoke an organizing event for local volunteers. She fired up the crowd by continuing her criticism of Trump’s policies and rhetoric saying, “I don’t know how you run for president of the United States if you spend all your time trashing the United States.” She called out his divisive attitude saying that America is better off when everyonore works together and shares in it’s rewards. As the DNC kicks off, Clinton promised that the Democratic Party will offer an optimistic view of America while offering solutions to the problems facing the country. Watch Clinton’s speech below.

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