DNC Wrap-Up: Day 2


On Tuesday evening, the second night of the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia made history by officially nominating Hillary Clinton as the Democratic Party’s candidate for president. Clinton becomes the first female candidate to receive the nomination of a major political party. Clinton made a brief appearance via satellite from New York and thanked everyone for their support. She will officially accept the party’s nomination during her speech on Thursday.

In additional to the historic moment, the evening also featured another marquee night of speeches. Those taking the stage included Former Senator Tom Harkin, Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe, Senator Chuck Schumer, the principal and students from Eagle Academy, Former Attorney General Eric Holder, Senator Barbara Boxer, Representative Joseph Crowley, Mothers of the Moment, former Governor of Vermont Howard Dean, and actress Meryl Streep. The most powerful speech of the evening was delivered by President Bill Clinton. He focused on he and Hillary’s relationship and personal life. He called Hillary “the best darn change-maker” that he has ever seen and said that she will fight for everyone and does not back down from a fight. A selection of videos from the event, including Bill’s, is below.

The DNC is also featuring a series of videos highlighting Clinton’s career and personal life. Included in those videos Tuesday was one covering her time as Secretary of State and one about how she worked with the Eagle Academy. A third video was about the career of Bill Clinton. The videos are below.

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News Source: Business Insider, CBS News