Retired Marine General John R. Allen Endorses Hillary Clinton


Hillary Clinton received the endorsement of retired Marine General John R. Allen earlier this week. In a statement, General Allen said that he supported Clinton because of her “patience and a deep comprehension of the international landscape.” He went on to say that he has avoided the political arena, but felt like endorsing Clinton now was the time to speak up. Read General Allen’s statement below.

“Through 37 years of service in the U.S. Marine Corps, I saw some of the toughest challenges that our nation faces around the world, and I know that America has the power to meet those challenges. However, it requires continued leadership and engagement in the world, continued partnership with our allies, and a clear understanding of our adversaries. It requires patience and a deep comprehension of the international landscape to make smart decisions about when and how to use military force as well as an understanding that other tools of American power such as diplomacy and development aid – that will armed forces out of harm’s way unless it is absolutely necessary.  And it requires a leader who wants to understand these complex issues and seek advice and counsel.  Hillary Clinton is all of those things. 

This has been a very personal decision for me. I have stayed out of the political arena my entire adult life, but given the complexities of issues facing our country today and its longtime allies, I felt compelled to speak up and be heard. I have no doubt that she is the leader we need at this time to keep our country safe, and I trust her with that most sacred responsibility of Commander-in-Chief.”

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