Clinton, Kaine Kick off Bus Tour in Pennsylvania and Ohio


Following the Democratic National Convention, Hillary Clinton and running mate Tim Kaine hit the road for a bus tour through Pennsylvania and Ohio. They kicked off the tour down the street from the Convention hall at Temple University. During her speech, Clinton argued that while her nomination is historic, it demonstrates the potential of America. She said that while no one in the time of the founding of the country would have imagined a woman presidential nominee, she believes that what makes America great is that significant events lead to new opportunities for everyone. Clinton said, “But contrary to Donald Trump, I believe every time we knock down a barrier in America, it liberates everyone in America.” A video of her speech is below.

The bus tour continued with a stop in Montgomery County and a tour of a K’nex factory, and she briefly spoke to the employees about her plan to boost manufacturing. Clinton and Kaine then traveled to Harrisburg where they continued to speak about Clinton’s plan to improve the nation’s infrastructure and create millions of jobs in the process. She said that the plan would be the largest jobs plan since World War II, and she pledged to introduce the plan to Congress during her first 100 days in office. Videos from the events in the Harrisburg area are below.

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