Hillary Clinton Focuses on Manufacturing in Colorado Visit

Hillary Clinton, speaking at the Knotty Tie Company in Denver, holds up a Donald Trump tie that is not made in the United States.

Hillary Clinton continued to talk about her plans to boost job creation and manufacturing during a stop in Colorado on Wednesday. Her first stop in the state was a local company in Denver called Knotty Tie Company. She toured the facility and spoke with several employees. She also addressed a gathering of the company’s employees and members of the press. During her remarks, she criticized Donald Trump for his double standard when it comes to American manufacturing. She pointed out that while he touts his “Made in America” plan while products bearing his name are made in China. Holding one of Trump’s ties in her hand, she said, “I really would like him to explain why he paid Chinese workers to make Trump ties.” A video of her brief remarks is below.

Clinton then went to Commerce City where she spoke to a crowd where she spoke about a number of key platform points. She spent the majority of her speech talking about manufacturing, jobs, and investing in education. Referring to her jobs and infrastructure plans, she said that she is calling for the largest mobilization of workers and government spending on infrastructure since World War II. Clinton said that while a big part of her infrastructure plan focuses on the country’s aging roads and bridges, a significant portion the plan would ensure access to broadband internet, especially in rural areas. A video from the speech is below.

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News Source: The Denver Post, ABC News