Hillary Clinton Talks about the Economy During Vegas Campaign Stop


Hillary Clinton made two stops in Las Vegas, Nevada on Thursday. She began her visit with a tour of Mojave Electric, a company that manufactures state of the art electrical components. She made brief remarks praising the company’s locally made products and their apprenticeship program. Clinton then went to the IBEW Local 357 Hall where she spoke to a crowd of supporters. After being introduced by Senator Harry Reid, Clinton outlined her plans to continue building the economy by focusing on jobs and education. She also discussed her plans to invest in clean energy and improve the country’s infrastructure as a way to create jobs. Clinton attacked Donald Trump again for not having contracts from American businesses for his products saying, “He talks a lot about how he’s going to grow the economy and yet he doesn’t make things in America.” A video from the rally is below.

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News Source: Las Vegas Review-Journal, News 3