Tim Kaine Speaks at the Progressive National Baptist Convention


Tim Kaine was in New Orleans on Thursday where he spoke at the Progressive National Baptist Convention. Speaking with the group of 800 leaders, Kaine spoke about his Catholic upbringing, his missionary work in Honduras, and the central theme of Hillary Clinton’s campaign of equity and opportunity. He spoke about injustice saying that it needed to be fought everywhere it appears. “That’s a proud tradition that continues in the work you do of being the voice for the voiceless, standing up for people’s rights. Registering voters and making sure people can get over the hurdles and the barriers someone put in their way so they can participate in one of the most solemn things we do,” he said. He spoke for nearly and hour, and a video from his speech is below (I apologize for the quality).

Meanwhile, in Needham, Massachusetts, Ann Lewis spoke with supporters at a fundraiser hosted by Massachusetts Women for Hillary. Then in Columbus, Ohio, a fundraiser was held with Kristin Davis. The event was hosted by Debbie Neimeth.

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News Source: NOLA.com, The Advocate