Tim Kaine Campaigns in Asheville, NC

Tim Kaine campaigned in Asheville, North Carolina today as he kicked off a two day visit to the state. After meeting with patrons at a local restaurant, Kaine was introduced by his wife, Anne Holton, during a rally at Arthur Edington Education & Career Center. During his speech, Kaine spoke about Hillary Clinton’s economic plan which calls for the largest creation of jobs in the United States since World War II. He explained that Clinton will achieve this by boosting American manufacturing, investing in clean energy, and repairing the nation’s infrastructure. Kaine went on to criticize Donald Trump’s economic policy for its tendency to be beneficial to the highest earners. A video from the Asheville event is below.

Meanwhile, in Colorado, Campaign Manager Robby Mook attended a fundraiser in Denver. The event was hosted by Arash and Ted Trimpa. Senator Cory Booker also attended an HFA fundraiser. He addressed Atlanta for45 in Georgia.

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News Source: WXII