Clinton Focuses on Voter Registration in Philadelphia


In West Philadelphia, Hillary Clinton spoke at a rally where she urged everyone to vote in November. She spoke about a number of her proposals including creating millions of jobs, standing up to the gun lobby, repairing the country’s failing infrastructure, and regulating Wall Street to prevent a market crash. Clinton went after Donald Trump’s economic plan which experts say will greatly benefit top earners. Clinton called the proposal the “Trump loophole” because, by some estimates, he would earn nearly $4 billion. Clinton said that her plans focus on everyone, “I can find a much better use for those $4 billion. In fact, we could hire 95,000 public school teachers for $4 billion. We could actually double health care for our veterans for $4 billion dollars. And we can invest in more infrastructure, affordable housing and small business for $4 billion right here in Pennsylvania.” A video from the event is below.

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News Source: Philadelphia Magazine