Clinton Touts Jobs Plan in Cleveland

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At a rally in Cleveland, Ohio today, Hillary Clinton spoke to a crowd of supporters at John Marshall High School. Clinton spoke about her economic plan, and more specifically, her plan to invest in manufacturing, clean energy, and infrastructure creating millions of jobs across the country. Clinton said that independent analysts have predicted that her plan would create 376,000 job in Ohio alone. She said that one of her primary objectives would be building upon the economy saying, “We’ve got to get the economy working for everyone. Not just those at the top.”

Clinton then went after Donald Trump saying that his economic plan would benefit him and others in the top income brackets. She said that if Trump is worth $10 billion, as he claims, his family’s tax break would net $4 billion. She then outlined how she could better spend that $4 billion on other projects including increasing funding for early childhood programs, provide additional heath care to veterans, provide free community college, expand broadband internet across the country, or fund state and local law enforcement. The Clinton campaign released the full details of how Trump’s tax plans benefit himself and how a Clinton administration could better invest the money. A video from her Cleveland speech below.

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News Source: Cleveland Patch