Tim Kaine Speaks at Iron Workers Convention


Tim Kaine campaigned in Las Vegas, Nevada today. He attended an organizing event at the Local 525 Plumbers & Pipefitters Training Center where he spoke about Hillary Clinton’s plans to boost job growth by investing in the nation’s infrastructure. Kaine then went after Donald Trump for refusing to release his income tax returns. He then attacked Trump’s business record citing a recent study by The New York Times which found that Trump’s businesses were deep in debt. Kaine framed Trump as the “king of debt” with his businesses owning at least $650 million. Kaine argued that with his business record, Trump cannot be trusted with the country’s finances.

Kaine then spoke at Iron Workers 43rd International Convention at The Mirage where he continued with a similar message of job growth and a focus on the economy. During his remarks, he spoke about importance of trade unions and Clinton’s dedication to union labor. He spoke about Trump and how he has fought against unions at his hotels and casinos. “Donald Trump doesn’t get it. Labor unions helped build the great American middle class,” he said. A video from Kaine’s speech at the convention is below.

Over the weekend, Hillary Clinton attending a series of fundraisers on the east coast. She attended an event on the island of Martha’s Vinyard. Then on Sunday, she attended an event Provincetown, Massachusetts which featured an appearance by singer Cher. Meanwhile, a “Give ‘Em Hill” fundraising party was held in Atlanta, Georgia.

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News Source: KUTV, Las Vegas Review-Journal, The Los Angeles Times, Cape Cod Times