Hillary Clinton Statement on Colombia-FARC Peace Accord


On Wednesday, it was announced that representatives of the Colombian government and FARC had reached a peace agreement. The agreement ends nearly fifty years of war that has cost over 200,000 lives. Negotiations between the two groups began in November 2012. Hillary Clinton released a statement cautiously celebrating the end of warfare in Colombia and promised that, if she is elected president, the United States would remain a partner in the ongoing peace process. A copy of Clinton’s statement is below.

“I join people around the world in celebrating the historic peace agreement in Colombia, which brings to a close the longest-running internal armed conflict in the Americas. I applaud those who forged this pact. And I’m proud of the American diplomats who supported them at every step along the way. Now Colombia must turn this agreement into a just and lasting peace. As President, I’ll ensure that the United States remains their partner in that process. The people of Colombia deserve nothing less. And the safety and security of our hemisphere and world will be strengthened by Colombia’s success.

After more than 50 years of war, a new day now dawns in Colombia. The road ahead is long. But this long-awaited milestone is worth celebrating.”

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News Source: The Wall Street Journal