HFA Fundraisers Held on Sunday, Kutcher in Iowa


On Sunday, two fundraisers were held on behalf of Hillary for America. The first was a LGBT and Allies reception in Charlotte, North Carolina. The event featured a conversation with Mayor Michael Nutter and music by DJ Samantha Ronson. Then, in Providence, Rhode Island, a fundraiser was hosted by Michelle Kwan and Clay Pell. The event featured a conversation with actor Tony Goldwyn.


Hillary Clinton has also received several celebrity endorsements. Actor Ashton Kutcher visited a local Hillary for America campaign office in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. A native Iowan, Kutcher criticized Donald Trump for doing anything to get elected. “In an effort to get himself elected, he’s willing to say whatever he has to and make you promises that ultimately I don’t think he can keep, but what most common sense people think is right,” he said. Kutcher continued, “I think Hillary stands for all of the things we stand for.” Meanwhile, in an interview with Katie Couric, DJ Khaled said he was supporting Clinton.

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News Source: The Gazette, Thump