Kaine Interviewed on ABC’s “This Week”

Screen Shot 2016-09-04 at 8.08.24 PM

Tim Kaine was interviewed on this morning’s episode of ABC’s “This Week.” In his interview with host Martha Raddatz, Kaine answered questions about the United States’ relationship with Russia, Clinton’s lack of press conferences, and the FBI’s investigation into Hillary Clinton’s emails. Kaine defended Clinton saying that she wanted the materials released to the public. “When Congress asked the FBI give us your notes, Hillary said, ‘yeah, that’s great, give them your notes, but let the American public see it’. And what these notes demonstrate is in very significant detail, why the FBI chose not to go forward with any additional proceeding. She did make a mistake, and she made it by deciding she wanted to use one device rather than multiple devices. She’s apologized for that, she said it was a mistake, and she’s learned from it.” Kaine then turned the conversation to Donald Trump and the fact that he has not released his tax returns. A video of Kaine’s interview is below.

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News Source: The Daily Dot, ABC New