Bill Clinton Campaigns for Hillary/Kaine in Michigan and Ohio


On Labor Day, Bill Clinton returned to the campaign trail for Hillary Clinton and Time Kaine attending Labor Day events in Michigan and Ohio. He began in Detroit where he took part in a Labor Day parade and spoke to a crowd of supporters at a United Auto Workers (UAW) picnic. Bill spoke about Hillary’s plans to increase job growth and continue to invest in the economy by improving the country’s infrastructure. He said that Hillary’s plans would return the country to a similar condition in which he left it at the end of his presidency. He promised that incomes will rise across the board and an increase in jobs saying that during his presidency, “We had 22.7 million new jobs in those eight years. We had 40% more jobs in my eight years than Ronald Reagan did.” A video from the Detroit event will be added when/if available.

In Cincinnati, Ohio Bill visited with patrons of Graeter’s Ice Cream before giving a speech at the annual AFL-CIO Labor Day Picnic. Bill spoke about the importance of labor and labor unions saying that Hillary would fully support unionization as president. He then spoke about a number of Hillary’s platform proposals before asking attendees to support her in November. He said, “You should vote for the person who will be best for you, your community, your family. I think you should vote for Hillary because we’re stronger together than stronger apart.” A video of Bill’s speech is below.

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News Source: Detroit Free Press, WLWT