Hillary Clinton Campaigns in Ohio and Illinois on Labor Day


On Labor Day, Hillary Clinton campaigned in Cleveland, Ohio with running mate Tim Kaine. Kaine spoke first saying that “this is the home stretch.” Clinton then took the stage and had a brief coughing spell before she spoke about her plans to build an economy that works for everyone by increasing the minimum wage and investing in the country’s infrastructure. She spoke about her jobs plan which would create the most jobs in the country since World War II. Clinton then spoke about her strong support for working families and organized labor. A video from the Cleveland rally is below.

Today, the Clinton campaign also unveiled a new campaign plane. The Boeing 737 will be used for the remainder of the campaign cycle and is large enough for Clinton, her staff, and the press pool to travel on from event to event. Clinton welcomed the press to the plane and answered several questions from reporters on a range of topics including her thoughts on the hacking of Democratic Party emails, the FBI report about her emails, and the Clinton Foundation. A video of Clinton’s Q&A with the press is below.

Clinton then spoke at the 49th Annual Salute to Labor in Hampton, Illinois. During her speech, Clinton continued to discuss the economy and her jobs plan. She spoke about her plans to invest in the country’s infrastructure, expand the clean energy sector, and committed to building the manufacturing sector of the country. Clinton also criticized Donald Trump for not being a friend of working people saying, “My opponent thinks that wages are too high. I don’t know who he talks do.” A video of Clinton’s speech is below.

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News Source: Cleveland.com, CNN, The New York Times, The Washington Post