Hillary Clinton Campaigns in Tampa


On Monday, Hillary Clinton spoke at a rally in Tampa, Florida. Speaking at the University of South Florida, Clinton focused on her policy proposals focusing on the sharp contrast between her plans and those proposed by Republican Donald Trump. She spoke about her plans to create jobs and grow the economy, raise the minimum wage, combat Zika virus, make higher education more affordable, and reduce student loan debt interest rates. We’re going to make this economy grow, but we’re also going to make it fair,” she said about her plan to ensure incomes rise for all Americans and not just those in the highest income brackets. Clinton also criticized Trump for comments he made about solving the country’s problems alone. She said that working to improve the country “cannot be done by any one person. It must be done by all of us. That is something that Donald Trump does not understand.” A video of Clinton’s speech is below.

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News Source: Miami Herald, News 6