Hillary Clinton Discusses Health with Anderson Cooper


On Monday evening, Hillary Clinton called in to AC360 on CNN where she was asked by Anderson Cooper about the state of her health. Clinton said that she felt dizzy during yesterday’s September 11 memorial event and left. Following her diagnosis with pneumonia on Friday, she said she was advised to rest. “I was supposed to rest five days — that’s what they told me on Friday — and I didn’t follow that very wise advice,” Clinton said. Cooper then asked Clinton about her transparency about her health asking why she did not inform the public about the illness sooner. Clinton defended herself saying that she did not think it was “going to be that big a deal,” but she added that she has been transparent with releasing medial records last year. The Clinton campaign announced today that additional health records will be released later in the week. The video of Clinton’s interview is below.

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News Source: The Wall Street Journal, CNN