Tim Kaine, Chelsea Clinton Campaign for Hillary on Thursday


On Thursday, Tim Kaine campaigned in New Hampshire. He began by attending a coffee event in Portsmouth where he discussed opportunities for young people in the Granite State. Then, Kaine spoke at a rally in Exeter where he criticized Donald Trump’s vision of America and presented Hillary Clinton’s vision to the crowd. He spoke about opportunities for young people, making college more affordable, and building the economy by creating millions of new jobs. “If we’re going to build an economy, it’s got to work for everybody, not just a few. If we’re going to be strong in the world, part of that strength is alliances, rather than just building walls and tearing up alliances,” he said. A video from Kaine’s event in Exeter is below.

Chelsea Clinton campaigned on behalf of Hillary and Kaine in Ohio today. She began by speaking to students and supporters at Sinclair Community College in Dayton. During her speech, Chelsea spoke about the creating more opportunities for young people, including reducing the cost of higher education. Chelsea then traveled to Westerville where she spoke about Hillary’s plans to build upon the progress that been made in the country. “Unlike her opponent, she actually has plans for higher education and affordability, so people are not limited by their zip code, or their income, and their ability to pursue their dreams,” she said. A video from the event in Dayton is below.

Three fundraisers were held today on behalf of Hillary for America. The first was a lunch event in Crystal Lake, Illinois with Lisa Madigan. The second took place in Seattle, Washington and featured a conversation with HFA Campaign Manager Robby Mook. The final event was in New York City and included a conversation with Rodney Slater, Former United States Secretary of Transportation. The event was hosted by Deserrie Forte and Shawn Norville.

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News Source: WMUR, New Hampshire Public Radio, WLWT, The Toledo Blade