Hillary Clinton Appeals to Millennial Voters at Philadelphia Event


Hillary Clinton campaigned in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania today speaking at Temple University. Clinton focused her speech on reaching out to younger voters, particularly those of the millennial generation. She spoke about a number of her platform points that will help millennials including her plan to make a college education from a public school tuition free, her proposal to reduce the debt burden felt by former students with student loans by allowing them to refinance, and ensuring that companies provide paid time off and paid family leave. Clinton said that she is not a “showman” like Donald Trump, but “I do spend a lot of time on the details of policy, like the precise interest rate on your student loans—right down to the decimal. But that’s because it’s not a detail for you. It’s a big deal.” A video of Clinton’s speech is below.

Before the event, Clinton addressed the press regarding the recent attacks in New York, New Jersey, and Minnesota. During her remarks, Clinton spoke about the importance of fighting terrorism, but not demonizing Islam. A video of her remarks is below.

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News Source: NBC 10, The Wall Street Journal, CBS Philadelphia