Hillary Clinton Receives Endorsement of Emerge USA PAC


On Tuesday, Hillary Clinton received the endorsement of Emerge USA PAC, a group that supports candidates who support civil rights and the rights of minorities. In a release, the group said they supported Clinton because they are working with Muslim Americans to ensure that they are registered to vote, and they believe that Clinton is the best choice for a diverse America. Clinton released the following in response to the endorsement:

“This month, thousands of Muslims registered to vote across the country during Eid celebrations and are continuing to do so today to mark National Voter Registration Day. Every single one of those registrations carries the voice of the Muslim-American community—and there’s no stronger message against Trump’s hateful and divisive rhetoric than Americans coming together with pride and dignity. That’s exactly that type of work that Emerge USA does: empower the next generation of Muslims to lead in their communities.

The Muslim community knows that the stakes in this election could not be higher. From proposing to ban all Muslims from entering the United States, to attacking a Muslim Gold Star family whose son sacrificed his life for our country, to suggesting we monitor Muslim communities and places of worship, Trump has spent his entire campaign pitting Americans against each other and denigrating the Muslim-American community. It’s shameful. It’s disrespectful. It’s simply un-American. And it makes us less safe. Donald Trump’s constant demonization of Muslims plays straight into ISIS’ hands.

While Trump continues to paint a dark and misleading picture of the Muslim-American community, groups like Emerge USA remind us of the incredible contributions the community has made to our country. Muslim-Americans are entrepreneurs and inventors, they are students and teachers, soldiers and police officers—in short, they are the  best of America. I’m so grateful for the endorsement and the support of Muslim Americans across the country, and I will continue fighting to advance equality and keep our country safe.”

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News Source: Emerge USA PAC