Hillary Clinton Stresses Voting in Iowa


On Thursday, Hillary Clinton held a rally in Des Moines, Iowa where she spoke about the importance of voting. While she covered a number of her platform points emphasizing family and the economy, the focus of the event was registering to vote and voting early. Today was the first day of in-person early voting in Iowa, and Clinton stressed that this option is available for those unable to vote during polling hours on November 8. Clinton said that she hopes young people turn out in large numbers to vote saying, “I would love to see that because every election is about the future. And honestly, it’s more about the future of young people and children than it’s ever been because of the difference in the approaches and the experiences of me and my opponent.” A video from the rally is below.

Anne Holton, wife of Tim Kaine, campaigned on behalf of Clinton today in Wisconsin and Minnesota. At events in Milwaukee and Kenosha, Holton spoke about Clinton’s record and knowledge of the issues. She said that Clinton’s calm performance during Monday night’s debate with Republican Donald Trump is a good indicator of how she will react as president. “Didn’t our candidate do great? I knew she would. I knew that if it was a substantive discussion of the issues, that she would clean up,” Holton said. She also spoke about the importance of voting and urged everyone to register and ensure that their friends and family are registered as well.

Tonight, Holton will speak at an event in Saint Paul, Minnesota. Full coverage from the event will be posted tomorrow.


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News Source: CBS News, Fox 6