Hillary Clinton Campaigns in Ohio


Hillary Clinton hit the campaign trail today in Ohio holding two events in the state. Her first event was in Toledo where she focused on her plans to help the middle class. She covered a number of her major policy proposals including her plans to boost American manufacturing, invest in and improve the country’s infrastructure, and create good paying jobs. During the event, Clinton also attacked Donald Trump for the recent revelation that he may not have paid income taxes for nearly two decades. She said, “Trump’s campaign is bragging that not paying taxes makes him a genius. What kind of genius loses $1 billion in a single year?” She pointed out that Trump’s plan would cut taxes for himself even more at the expense of working families. Watch a video of Clinton speech below.

Clinton then traveled to Akron where she continued to focus on the economy and her plans to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to prosper in America. She largely focused on the same big points she hit on in Toledo, but she also spoke about her plans to raise the minimum wage, ensure equal pay for women, and cap the maximum out of pocket expenses for childcare. Clinton continued her assault on Trump’s tax records saying that he has certainly benefited from the tax code, but he has not contributed to the United States. Clinton is likely to continue to criticize Trump’s tax returns as the two prepare for their next debate next week. A video from the Akron event is below.

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News Source: Time, The Toledo Blade, Patch