Hillary Clinton Campaigns in Pennsylvania


On Tuesday, Hillary Clinton hit the campaign trail in Pennsylvania with her first event being in Haverford. The event was a town hall on families that featured Chelsea Clinton and actress Elizabeth Banks. During the event, Clinton spoke about a number of her policies and how they will help American families. She spoke about the importance of early childhood education, health care, police policies, women’s rights, criminal justice reform, climate change, and the economy. She said, “I want to do everything possible to put kids and families front and center, to make sure that we provide the opportunities that families deserve to have to have good jobs with rising incomes, the ability to pay for the necessities of life, affordable child care, affordable college.” A video from the event is below.

Clinton then spoke at an organizing event in Harrisburg where she encouraged everyone to register to vote. She said that voting is important in our democracy because it gives everyone a voice. Clinton said that even supporters of her rival, Republican Donald Trump, should register and vote because it is their civic duty, but if she elected, she will be be their president too. Clinton then outlined about a number of key points to her platform saying that she wants to focus on “kitchen table issues” which are the issues that affect the everyday lives of Americans. She continued, “By creating more fairness, we’re going to give people a chance to have better jobs with rising income.” A video from the Harrisburg rally is below.

Following her rally in Harrisburg, Clinton held a press conference during which she continued to speak about recent revelations from Trump’s 1995 tax return and the money his businesses lost in the mid-1990s. She then answered questions from reporters about a range of topics including recent polling numbers, Tim Kaine’s debate later tonight, and health care. A full video of the press event is below.

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News Source: The Trentonian, The New York Times, Reading Eagle