Tim Kaine, Bill Clinton on the Campaign Trial for Hillary


Tim Kaine returned to the campaign trail on Wednesday following his strong debate performance on Tuesday night. During his speech in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Kaine claimed victory, but did address criticisms that he interrupted Mike Pence too many times joking that even his wife gave him a hard time about it. He did go after Pence for not defending his running mate Donald Trump saying, “Your running mate ought to be able to defend you.” Kaine continued with his speech talking about a number of Hillary’s key platform points including creating new jobs, raising the minimum wage, supporting labor unions, improving health care, supporting the middle class, and ensuring that everyone has an equal chance in America. A video of Kaine’s speech is below.

Bill Clinton remained in Ohio where he wrapped up a multiple day bus tour of the state. This morning he was in Youngstown where he spoke about Hillary’s plans to create new jobs and help communities that have been hit hard by unemployment and a loss of manufacturing and mining jobs. He said that he understands voters’ anger saying, “Look, there’s a reason for the road rage today. People go 15 years without a raise, they’re mad.” He then outlined a number of of Hillary’s platform proposals that would help communities like Youngstown including investments in infrastructure and clean energy. Speaking at the local UAW hall, Bill also spoke about the importance of labor unions and Hillary’s continued support for them while Republicans like Trump and Pence try to stamp out unions. A video from Bill’s speech is below.

Bill then traveled to Canton where he continued to his focus on the economy and job creation. He said, “I think we’re on the verge of the greatest period of prosperity, discovery and advancement in the history of this country, if we do that right thing.” But, Bill warned, there are people like Trump who are more interested in helping those at the top of the income scale and ignore those in the middle and working classes. He said that in order to grow the economy, we need to tap into previously untapped resources. “We need more manufacturing loans, we need more small business loans and more small business startups, we need more investments in science and technology,” he said. A video from the event is below.

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News Source: NBC 10, The Washington Post, Fox 8, WKYC