Hillary Clinton Statement on Endorsement by Association of Professional Flight Attendants


Hillary Clinton has received the endorsement of the Association of Professional Flight Attendants. In a press release, APFA president Bob Ross said, “I don’t think there is any question that she stands on the side of working families across this country, including those of over 26,000 American Airlines Flight Attendants.” Clinton responded to the endorsement with the following statement:

“Since 1977, the Association of Professional Flight Attendants has represented nearly 25,000 flight attendants of American Airlines. Through its relentless advocacy and activism, APFA has fought to create better and fairer working conditions both on the ground and in the skies. And I’m proud to have earned their endorsement.

APFA understands what’s at stake in this election. Donald Trump supports a tax system rigged for the rich and powerful. And we just learned he’s likely been exploiting that system to avoid paying taxes for years – even though he’s argued that wages for hardworking Americans are ‘too high.’  

Trump personally hired a union-busting firm to keep workers at his Las Vegas hotel from organizing. He even opposes policies that would make it easier for Americans to balance work and family, like guaranteeing paid leave for all families. And he has said that women can earn the same as men only if they ‘do as good a job.’

In a Clinton-Kaine Administration, working families will always have a champion in the White House. We’ll reject bad trade deals like the Trans-Pacific Partnership, stand up to attacks on workers, and fight back against to discriminatory policies. I’m so grateful to APFA for their support, and I look forward to having their spirit and experience at my side as we build an economy that works for everyone, not just those at the top.”

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News Source: Association of Professional Flight Attendants