Senator Sanders Campaigns in Michigan, Chelsea in Minnesota


Senator Bernie Sanders campaigned on behalf of Hillary Clinton in Michigan today. His first event was held in Dearborn where he spoke to a crowd of supporters at the local UAW hall. During his speech, Sanders spoke about a number of Hillary’s platform points including her plan to create jobs and her support of labor unions. He also went after Donald Trump for avoiding to pay income taxes. Overall, however, Sanders offered a populist tone saying, “This campaign is not about Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton — it is about you and your families. We’re not voting for class president of our high school … we are fighting for the survival of the middle class.” A video from the event is below.

Sanders then traveled to Ann Arbor where he spoke to an enthusiastic crowd on the campus of the University of Michigan. During the event, Sanders spoke about the importance of voting, particularly young people, and urged them to get out and vote in November. He spoke about a number of Hillary’s platform points and specifically focused on her plans to reduce the cost of higher education. He said, “What she said is, I should tell the American people that in the first 100 days of her administration she will roll out a very specific plan to make public colleges and universities tuition free for all families earning less than $125,000 a year. And have an aggressive approach to reducing student debt.” Watch a video of Sanders’ speech below.

In Lansing, Sanders spoke to a crowd of students and supporters on the campus of Michigan State University. Sanders continued to speak about a number of Hillary’s platform points while going after Trump for his policies. Focusing on the economy and the struggle of the middle class, he said, “We have come a long way in fighting racism, sexism, homophobia. But today we have one huge struggle in front of us, and that is the economic struggle. And that means that we should not be living in a nation which has more wealth and income inequality than any other major country on earth.” A video of Sanders speech is below.

Sanders’ final event of the day was a rally in Grand Rapids. During the event, Sanders continued with his populist tone talking about the local economy and how a number Hillary’s proposals will be beneficial to the area. He spoke about raising the minimum wage and creating new good paying jobs in the area by reinvesting in manufacturing and clean energy. A video from the event will be posted when/if available.

Chelsea Clinton meanwhile was in Minneapolis, Minnesota where she spoke about Hillary’s plans to help mothers and families. During the event, Chelsea highlighted a number of Hillary’s platform points including her plans to cap the out of pocket costs of childcare, ensure that women are paid equally, raise the minimum wage, and create new jobs by investing in infrastructure and clean energy. Chelsea also spoke about the public perception of her mother saying, “I don’t understand the caricature of my mom. I wish more people could see the huggable, lovable, hilarious side of her that I see now when we are together, with my children, and that I have known my whole life.” Chelsea closed out the event by answering questions from those in attendance. A video from the event will be added when/if available.

In Los Angeles, California, a fundraiser was held on behalf of Hillary for America. The event featured a conversation with Senator Al Franken.

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News Source: Michigan Live, Fox 2, Lansing State Journal, CBS Minnesota, 9 & 10 News