Senators Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren Campaign for Hillary


Senator Bernie Sanders remained on the campaign trail on behalf of Hillary Clinton on Friday with events in New Hampshire and Maine. In New Hampshire, Sanders spoke at rallies in Keene and Nashua. During each event, he spoke about Hillary Clinton’s plans to continue economic growth, create new jobs by investing in infrastructure and manufacturing, increase the minimum wage, reform the criminal justice system, and reduce the cost of higher education. Sanders also criticized Republican Donald Trump for his divisive language and his policies that benefit the wealthy. A video from his speech in Keene is below.

Sanders’ final event was in Bangor, Maine where he urged voters to look beyond the personalities of the two presidential candidates and focus on the issues. He argued that only Clinton’s plans would benefit the middle and working classes. Sanders blasted trump for running a bigoted and insult-driven campaigning adding, “When you run for president of the United States, there has got to be at least a minimum threshold of decency.” A video from the Bangor event is below.

Senator Elizabeth Warren campaigned in Wisconsin where she spoke in support of Clinton and US Senate hopeful Russ Feingold. At her first stop in Madison, Warren spoke about the importance of voting in the upcoming election and the platform of Clinton. She also spoke about the importance of electing Clinton president and Feingold to the Senate so they can continue the progress made over the last eight years and continue with a progressive agenda. Warren has not been shy of her criticism of Trump, and she did not back off in Madison. She called him a “pathetic, heartless bully” and a “selfish little sleazeball.” A video of Warren’s speech is below.

Her second event was in Milwaukee where she urged voters to get out and support the campaign by volunteering and ensuring that people are informed. She also urged voters to take advantage of early voting if they are unable to make it to the polls on November 8. Warren’s speech was similar to the one she gave in Madison early in the day in which she outlined key parts of Clinton’s platform and called out Trump. A video from the event will be added when/if available.


Meanwhile, in Boston, Massachusetts, a fundraiser was held on behalf of Hillary for America. The event featured a conversation with Marc Elias.

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