Clinton Endorsed by Additional Local Newspapers


In the lead-up to tonight’s second presidential debate, Hillary Clinton has secured the endorsement of four more major local newspapers. In Missouri, Clinton was ensorsed by the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. The paper’s ediorial board says, “Clinton understands what an awesome responsibility it is to lead a nation because she has spent the bulk of her adult life participating in that very endeavor. That’s why she remains: America’s only choice.” Then, she also received the endorsement of the Boston Globe. While they admit Clinton has faults, they begin thier editorial with a definative staement: “This election isn’t a close call. Only one candidate on the ballot Nov. 8 belongs anywhere near the White House, and it’s Hillary Clinton.”

Breaking with thier conservative tradition, Ohio’s The Columbus Dispatch endorsed Clinton saying that while they have tradionally backed Republican candidates, Donald Trump does not represent Republican values. “The stakes are too high to sit out this election and risk letting Trump misuse the awesome power of the presidency. The Dispatch urges voters to elect Hillary Clinton,” the editorial board said. The Alabama Media Group also wrote of thier support for Clinton in an op-ed published Sunday. The groups editorial board wrote, “The 2016 election is not a choice between two candidates equally fit to serve, or a choice between the ideology of two parties. Trump is a unique threat and in an election where supporting third party candidates splits a national vote, we see but one option. Clinton may be the second least popular major party candidate in 50 years but she is also one of the most qualified candidates in history. And ultimately, if it isn’t her, it’s him. And that would be a disaster for America and the world.”

Read the full op-eds by clicking the links in the article or from the news sources below.

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News Source: St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Boston Globe, The Columbus Dispatch, Alabama Media Group