Tim Kaine, Chelsea Clinton Campaign for Hillary


On Monday, Tim Kaine campaigned for Hillary Clinton in Denver, Colorado. During the event, Kaine outlined a number of Hillary’s platform points and spoke about her strong performance at last night’s debate. Kaine also spoke about Republican Donald Trump’s 2005 vulgar comments about women saying that men should be insulted by them as well. He said that Trump “cannot look at a woman and see an equal” and real men do not talk about women in a derogatory way. The event also featured a performance by musician Dave Matthews. A video of Kaine’s speech is below.

Chelsea Clinton, meanwhile, campaigned in Minnesota and Wisconsin. She began her day in Rochester, Minnesota where she spoke to local residents about her mother’s policies and why she is the best candidate for the job. She then spoke about the importance of voting in the upcoming election. Chelsea urged everyone to register to vote and to turn out on November 8th saying that everyone has a vested interest in the election. “I didn’t know I could care anymore about politics until I was blessed to become a parent and found that I could, found everything I cared about before just has a sharper intensity,” she said. A partial video from the event in Rochester is below, and a full video will be added when/if available.

Chelsea then traveled to Racine, Wisconsin where she addressed a group of local residents at the Living Light Community Center. Chelsea spoke about a number of Hillary’s major platform points such as raising the minimum wage, passing comprehensive immigration reform, ensuring women receive equal pay, and supporting family medical leave. Chelsea also contrasted Hillary’s plans from those of Trump saying that Hillary has the background and bipartisan connections in Congress to get the job done. “If we look at areas where we already have a broad-base and bipartisan support, my mother has a record of building things together and getting things done. And she hopes that she will have the opportunity to demonstrate that action-oriented positive leadership as president,” she explained. A video from the Racine event is below.

In Chicago, Illinois, a fundraiser was held on behalf of Hillary for America. The event featured a conversation with former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright and Rick Bayless.

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News Source: News 3, KIMT, Racine County Eye