HFA Statement on Latest Analysis of Trump’s Tax Plan


In response to new reports on the Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump tax plans from the Tax Policy Center, Hillary for America Senior Policy Advisor Jacob Leibenluft released the following statement:

“This report is further evidence of the clear choice for voters in this election. According to an independent analysis, Hillary Clinton’s plan would provide middle-class tax relief and pay for investments in good-paying jobs by requiring the wealthy, Wall Street and large corporations to pay their fair share. Donald Trump’s plan is the most extreme form of trickle-down economics: adding more than $20 trillion to the debt over the next two decades by providing massive giveaways to the richest Americans. In fact, the report shows Trump will give as much tax relief to the top 1% as everyone else combined – even as he raises taxes on millions of working families with children. And what’s more, the Tax Policy Center has exposed a lie Trump told at Sunday night’s debate: while Clinton would close the carried interest loophole that allows Wall Street money managers to pay a lower rate than many middle-class families, Trump’s plan would actually make that loophole even worse.”

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