Hillary Clinton Endorsed by Two More Local Newspapers


On Friday, Hillary Clinton received the endorsement of two major local newspapers. The first was Florida’s Miami Herald. The paper’s editorial board makes their case for Clinton is their opening paragraph saying, “Let’s make clear what the 2016 presidential election isn’t about: It is not about choosing between a bad candidate and a worse one. The narrative that Hillary Clinton is the lesser of two evils is patently wrong. Ms. Clinton is a pragmatic, tough-minded woman of accomplishment and political conviction with a demonstrated mastery of policy. She is politically flawed. However, Donald Trump is a damaged human being.” The board continues by making the case for Clinton by exploring her career and her positions on a number of issues.

The second newspaper added to the growing list of papers backing Clinton is the Idaho Statesman. In their op-ed, the editorial board makes the case for why Clinton is the best candidate for Idaho because of her policies, experience, and history of bipartisanship. Ultimately the board concludes, “Trump’s fantasies about a new country and era where “outsiders” are better equipped to fix Washington will always be undefined and out of reach. The need to compromise could never happen with him in charge. We live in the real world, with real problems that need real solutions. We need someone with pragmatic approaches that include patience and compassion. We need Hillary Clinton to be the next president.” Read the full editorials by clicking the links in the article or the links in the news source section below.

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News Source: Miami Herald, Idaho Statesman