Tim Kaine Encourages Voter Registration in Miami


On Saturday, Tim Kaine campaigned in Miami, Florida and encouraged residents to take advantage of the extended deadline to register to vote. The state gave potential voters an extra week to register in the wake of Hurricane Matthew. After being introduced by musician Pusha T, Kaine encouraged everyone to register to vote and ensure that friends and family members were registered as well. Kaine said that Florida is important for himself and Hillary Clinton and that Floridians could decide the election. “If [Donald Trump] loses Florida, it’s checkmate. Let’s do some checkmate and win,” he said. A video from the event is below.

Meanwhile, fundraisers were held on behalf of Hillary for America in two states. The first event was in Jersey City, New Jersey and featured a conversation with Mayor Steven Fulop and Chelsea Clinton. The second event, in Chicago, Illinois, was a cocktail party with a special performance by Amy & Freddy.

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News Source: CBS Miami, Miami Herald