Tim Kaine, Anne Holton Campaign in Florida


Today, Tim Kaine and his wife, Anne Holton, campaigned in Florida. They began the day by attending Sunday morning church services at Pneuma Church in Miami and The Faith Center in Sunrise. At Pneuma, a Hispanic church, Kaine spoke in fluent Spanish and encouraged everyone to register to vote before Tuesday’s deadline. Kaine did the same at The Faith Center, but in English. Kaine spoke about Hillary Clinton’s plans to give everyone an equal chance saying, “There’s a lot of people lying on the side of the road in the society we live in and all over this country… Some need education, some need an opportunity, some just need a word of friendship because they’re lonely and they’re on the side of the road. And the question that’s before us is do we pass by or do we go over, even if we don’t know all the answers, even if we don’t know all the words to say, do we at least roll up our sleeves and walk over and try to do what we can to help out? … This is not a congregation of people who walk on by, and Hillary Clinton is not a person who walks on by, and that’s why I’m so proud to be with her.”

Holton held two events in Florida, a Women for Hillary event in Tallahassee and a Canvass Kick-Off event in Panama City. At each, Holton stressed the importance of electing the Clinton/Kaine ticket to the White House. Holton also spoke about the importance of voting urging everyone to register before Tuesday’s extended deadline and asked everyone to vote on November 8th. She thanked the volunteers in Panama City and urged them to keep making calls, knocking on doors, and helping people register to vote. Videos from today’s event will be posted when/if available.


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News Source: CNN, Sun Sentinel, Tallahassee.com