Bill Clinton Campaigns for Hillary in New Hampshire


Bill Clinton was in New Hampshire on Monday where he spoke at two events on behalf of Hillary Clinton. His first event was in Hanover on the campus of Dartmouth College where he focused on the positive things have happened in the United States over the last eight years. While he admitted that there is still progress to be made, he believes that Hillary has the plans to continue economic growth and ensure that everyone has an opportunity to prosper in America. He contrasted the message of Hillary’s campaign with that of Republican Donald Trump’s saying that “Strong Together” is far more positive then “Make America Great Again.” Bill wrapped up the event by talking about New Hampshire’s role in the election and encouraging everyone to vote on November 8th. A video of Bill’s speech is below.

In Keene, Bill spoke on the campus of Keene State College and largely focused on the same themes as he did in Hanover. He urged voters to remain optimistic about America’s future and elect someone who is optimistic as well. “You cannot give this country’s future away to people who think anger is better than answers, that resentment is much better than empowerment, that endless conflict is better than cooperation,” he said of Trump. Bill then looked to after the election and called for unity saying, “One of the things I think we have to do when this election is over — every one of us, each in our own way — is not treat the people on the other side the way they and their candidate have treated us. We should reach out.” Watch a video from the event below.

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News Source: NHPR, WCSH, WMUR, ABC News


Senator Sanders, Anne Holton Campaign for Hillary


On Monday, Senator Bernie Sanders campaigned on behalf of Hillary Clinton in Colorado. At a Get out the Vote event on the campus of Colorado State University in Fort Collins, he spoke about a variety of issues including the rising cost of a higher education, income inequality, immigration, and health care. Sanders addressed how Clinton and the Democratic platform would address of each of the issues and urged them to get out and vote on November 8th. “Politics and political engagement does not end on Election Day. We need you on the day after the election,” he said urging the crowd, most of them student, to remain politically active following the election. A video of Sanders’ speech is below.

Anne Holton, wife of Clinton’s running mate Tim Kaine, was in Florida where she held two events in Pensacola. Her first stop was a Women for Hillary event during which she spoke about a number of Clinton’s platform points including plans to increase the minimum wage, create new jobs, ensure equal pay for women, and provide paid family leave. She praised the campaign run by Clinton and Kaine saying, “It is important to have that person-to-person contact, it is even more important with the negativity we have had this campaign season. Holton also spoke with volunteers and supporters at a local canvass kick-off. She encouraged them to keep knocking on doors, putting up signs, and making phone calls. Videos from Holton’s events will be added when/if available.

Meanwhile, three fundraisers were held on behalf of Hillary for America as the final fundraising deadline approaches. The first was in Bethesda, Maryland where Tim Kaine attended a private fundraising event. Then, in Dallas, Texas, a LGBT and Allies event was held featuring a conversation with Vic Holmes, Mark Phariss, and Steve Rudner. In New York City, a Broadway for Hillary event was held. The event featured an appearance by Chelsea Clinton but a number of performances. The performers included: Sara Bareilles, Angela Bassett, Emily Blunt, Matthew Broderick, Ayodele Casel, Alan Cumming, Cynthia Erivo, Renée Elise Goldsberry, Josh Groban, Jake Gyllenhaal, Neil Patrick Harris, Anne Hathaway, Hugh Jackman, Sarah Jones, Andrea McArdle, Sienna Miller, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Helen Mirren, Sarah Jessica Parker, Bernadette Peters, and Julia Roberts. A video from the fundraising event is below.

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News source: Coloradoan, CBS Denver, Pensacola News Journal

With Her Podcast: Episode 6: Maya Harris


On the sixth installment of the With Her podcast, host Max Linsky sat down with Hillary for America Senior Policy Advisor Maya Harris. The two discuss working for Hillary Clinton and the challenges associated with creating policies for a knowledgeable policy wonk. She discussed her approach to creating detailed policies. Harris also talks about her life and how growing up in the civil rights movement influenced her. You can listed to the episodes HERE or subscribe to the Podcast on iTunes or your favorite Podcast app.

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News Source: Hillary for America

HFA Highlights Unprecedented Coordinated Campaign Investments


This morning, Hillary for America Campaign Manager Robby Mook highlighted Hillary for America’s unprecedented coordinated campaign efforts, to date totaling an over $100 million investment, and pointed out additional resources coming in the final weeks to help win Senate, House and governors races in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Nevada, Arizona, Missouri and Indiana and states across the country.

On the call, Mook said, “Since the primary concluded, our campaign has been coordinating closely with U.S. Senate, House, Gubernatorial, and state races in the battleground states to build a coordinated campaign that leverages resources to help all candidates.  We set up offices in all 50 states and have devoted intensive resources to 12 states and Maine and Nebraska’s second congressional districts.”

Mook announced new enhanced coordination efforts from Hillary for America:

  • An additional six million dollars in mail and digital advertising to get out the vote in the battleground states of Ohio, Florida, Pennsylvania, Nevada, North Carolina, Iowa, New Hampshire. States with competitive Governor, Senate and House races.
  • An additional quarter million dollars in Nebraska and Maine’s second congressional districts.
  • An expanded television buy and direct mail and digital advertising program by over two million dollars in Arizona, where Donald Trump’s hateful rhetoric has opened new doors for the Democratic Party.  Mook also announced that on Thursday, First Lady Michelle Obama will host an Early Vote rally in Phoenix. Days after Senator Bernie Sanders and Chelsea Clinton are in the state.
  • And a commitment to help Senate and Governor races in Indiana and Missouri with a million-dollar investment to turn Democrats out to vote.

Additionally, Mook pointed out the unprecedented commitment from the top of the ticket in support of down ballot races: the 455 offices in battleground states that are open and available to all Democratic candidates to reduce infrastructure cots; the fact that we have down ballot candidates’ names on phone and door scripts to cross-promote; and that we’ve included candidates in speaking programs for principal trips.

“Bottom line: Donald Trump’s erratic behavior and spiraling campaign have left the Republican party in a civil war…. With signs of high turnout across the country, Democrats have a historic opportunity to elect leaders who will partner with Hillary to create jobs and get incomes rising,” Mook said.

The campaign will continue to evaluate ground investment through Election Day.

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Senators Sanders and Warren Campaign in Colorado


On Sunday evening, Senators Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren campaigned on behalf of Hillary Clinton in Denver, Colorado. Warren took the stage first and fired up the crowd at the Aurari campus student union hall where she spoke about the importance of defeating Republican Donald Trump in November. Sanders then took the stage and spoke about Clinton’s progressive platform, a platform he had a hand in creating. He said that electing Clinton is important, “We’re going to beat Trump and beat him badly. … And we’re going to bring millions of people together to create a political revolution. If we don’t get our act together, this country’s going to slide into oligarchy.” Watch a video from the event below.

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News Source: Denver Post

Hillary Clinton Endorsed by More Local Newspapers


This weekend, Hillary Clinton received the endorsement of four major prominent newspapers from across the country. The first was Nebraska’s Omaha World-Herald, the first time the paper has endorsed a Democrat since President Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1932. The paper’s editorial board says that while Clinton has political faults, she is by far more qualified than Republican Donald Trump. The board concludes, “Clinton’s legislative experience and decades of political involvement — as first lady of Arkansas, first lady of the United States, U.S. senator from New York, secretary of state and two-time presidential candidate — make her the better prepared of the two major candidates for the office of president of the United States.” Read the full endorsement HERE.

The Wisconsin State Journal also published their endorsement of Clinton concluding that the country cannot risk a Trump presidency. The paper’s board said, “Trump’s scandal-a-day campaign has shown he would distract, isolate and embarrass our nation. The world doesn’t need a United States in retreat, nor a stark reset of America’s politics and international posture. The world needs a U.S. president who can actually lead. Clinton is that leader, and the world needs America to get this right.” Read the full article HERE.

Clinton has also earned the endorsement of the New Orleans newspaper The Times-Picayune. The paper’s editorial board says that Clinton is the better choice for New Orleans and Louisiana saying, “As for which candidate is better for Louisiana, there is no contest. Mrs. Clinton is committed to investments in infrastructure, including ports, that would benefit our state. She also wants to offer preschool to every 4-year-old, something that fits Louisiana’s goal of expanding and improving the quality of early childhood education. But for New Orleanians, perhaps the most compelling contrast between Mr. Trump and Mrs. Clinton is his intolerance and her inclusiveness. New Orleans has diversity in its DNA. A president who routinely degrades African-Americans, Hispanics, Muslims and women could not, and would not, represent us.” Click HERE to read the full endorsement.

In Iowa, The Des Moines Register’s editorial board asked what message Americas wanted to send to a ever interested global community. Do we want to pick the candidate that has run a divisive campaign or one that still believes in the promise of America? The board believes it is important that the American citizens elect a leader that represents our values, and for them that is Clinton. They conclude, “On Election Day, all of us share the privilege and responsibility of protecting the principles on which this country was founded and for which so many others have died: justice, liberty, equality and opportunity for all. In this particular election, only one of the two major-party candidates stands prepared to honor America and uphold its highest ideals. The Des Moines Register endorses Hillary Clinton for president.” Read the full editorial HERE.

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News Source: Omaha World-Herald, Wisconsin State Journal, The Times-Picayune, The Des Moines Register