Bill Clinton Campaigns for Hillary in New Hampshire


Bill Clinton was in New Hampshire on Monday where he spoke at two events on behalf of Hillary Clinton. His first event was in Hanover on the campus of Dartmouth College where he focused on the positive things have happened in the United States over the last eight years. While he admitted that there is still progress to be made, he believes that Hillary has the plans to continue economic growth and ensure that everyone has an opportunity to prosper in America. He contrasted the message of Hillary’s campaign with that of Republican Donald Trump’s saying that “Strong Together” is far more positive then “Make America Great Again.” Bill wrapped up the event by talking about New Hampshire’s role in the election and encouraging everyone to vote on November 8th. A video of Bill’s speech is below.

In Keene, Bill spoke on the campus of Keene State College and largely focused on the same themes as he did in Hanover. He urged voters to remain optimistic about America’s future and elect someone who is optimistic as well. “You cannot give this country’s future away to people who think anger is better than answers, that resentment is much better than empowerment, that endless conflict is better than cooperation,” he said of Trump. Bill then looked to after the election and called for unity saying, “One of the things I think we have to do when this election is over — every one of us, each in our own way — is not treat the people on the other side the way they and their candidate have treated us. We should reach out.” Watch a video from the event below.

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News Source: NHPR, WCSH, WMUR, ABC News