Tim Kaine Delivers Economic Speech in Detroit


Tim Kaine delivered a speech on the economy today in Detroit, Michigan. During his remarks, Kaine focused heavily and Hillary Clinton’s platform and her plans to create new jobs and combat poverty. He outlined three major policy points that will directly take on poverty including:

  • Raising incomes by increasing the minimum wage, investing in impoverished communities, creating new jobs by investing in clean energy and infrastructure, and increasing the child care tax credit
  • Ensure the safety of communities and homes by fighting discriminatory and predatory lending, ensuring people have access to clean water and live in areas with clean air, and enacting common sense gun control measures
  • Improve early childhood education by expanding pre-school and Head Start programs

Kaine said that fighting poverty is important to Clinton and himself adding, “Fighting poverty is a growth strategy. It’s a competitive strategy, but it’s also a moral responsibility and it’s going to be a defining mission of a Clinton Kaine administration. Here in this country, there are still people on the side of the road and they’re asking for help … The question before us on this election, do we just walk on by or do we go over and try and help. We’re not a nation of people who just walk on by. Hillary Clinton and I, we don’t walk on by. We reach out, we help, because we know, that we’re all neighbors.” Watch a video of Kaine’s speech below.

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News Source: Michigan Radio, Lansing State Journal