Bill Clinton Kicks off Bus Tour in Florida


On Friday, Bill Clinton kicked off a campaign bus tour in Florida. He began in Orlando with a speech at the Florida Education Association Delegate Assembly. During the event, he spoke about the importance of the election and its potential impact on education. Bill spoke about Hillary Clinton’s plans to expand access to early childhood education and her plan to ensure that students graduate from college debt-free. He said that Hillary will be better than Donald Trump on education, jobs, and everything else. Bill said, “You can’t build a wall around yourself or the world in this world of social media. You’ve got to build bridges to empowerment. We are close to being able to rise together again. America needs a ‘What are we going to do about it?’ President.” Watch a video from the event below.

Bil then traveled to Jacksonville where he spoke to a crowd of supporters at a local library. Bill went after Trump for his proposals to scrap the Affordable Care Act saying that we cannot end a law that helped more than 20 million Americans access to health insurance. He also outlined a number of Hillary’s other policies including her plans to invest in the country’s infrastructure, clean energy, and the manufacturing sector. Bill explained that these investments would all lead to new jobs. He wrapped up his speech talking about the importance of voting and ensuring that everyone votes on, or before in the case of Florida, November 8th. A video of Bill’s speech is below.

Bill’s final event of the day was in Quincy. He focused on a number of Hillary’s platform points including her plans to create new jobs, pass comprehensive immigration reform, and pass sensible gun control that requires background checks and closes a number of loopholes. Bill spoke about the importance of voting and the work that will have to be done after the election to bring the country together for the common good. “That’s what ‘Stronger Together’ means. So you’ve got anger on one side and answers on the other. You’ve got resentment on one side and empowerment on the other. You’ve got endless political conflict and name-calling on one side and the promise of real cooperation on the other. You’ve got walls on one side and bridges on the other,” he said. A video from the event is below.

Meanwhile, in London, a fundraiser was held for Hillary for America. The event was only open to American citizens and included a conversation with John Podesta, Campaign Chair and Wendy Sherman, Former Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs.

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News Source: WFTV, The Orlando Political Observer, Tallahassee Democrat, The Florida Times-Union