President Obama Campaigns for Hillary in Las Vegas


President Barack Obama returned to the campaign trail on Sunday and spoke at a Democratic Party rally in Las Vegas, Nevada. During his speech, Obama blasted Republican Donald Trump for his rhetoric and refusal to accept the results of the election should he lose. Obama encouraged everyone to vote for Hillary Clinton because she has a clear plan, and, as he put it, “We can’t afford the other guy.” Obama also spoke about the importance of voting for Democratic candidates in other races down the ballot as well, especially in the Senate. He urged those in attendance to support candidate Catherine Cortez Masto because she will fight for them in the Senate and work with Clinton to ensure that important work is done. He summed up his speech by asking everyone to vote on November 8th and to take advantage of early voting. “I need everybody here to not just vote yourselves, but you’ve got to get your friends, your neighbors, your cousins to vote,” he said. A video of Obama’s speech is below.

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News Source: Las Vegas Review-Journal, Las Vegas Sun

Image Source: Corine Lesnes