Tim Kaine Encourages Early Voting in Ohio


Tim Kaine returned to the campaign trail in Ohio today after attending last night’s World Series baseball game played between the Cleveland Indians and Chicago Cubs. He began the day at a rally held at Lorain High School outside of Cleveland. Campaigning with Senator Al Franken, Kaine spoke about the importance of ensuring Democrats win the Senate, and he encouraged voters to not only support Hillary Clinton but Senate candidate Ted Strickland too. Kaine also spoke about Hillary’s platform points and her plan to bring jobs to Ohio, the dangers of electing Donald Trump, and the importance of voting and the importance of Ohio to the campaign saying, “If we win Ohio the race is over. Hillary Clinton will be president.”

Kaine then went to a rally outside Columbus in Gambier. He spoke about a number of Hillary’s policy proposals including her plan to make college more affordable, create jobs, and raise the minimum wage. Kaine attacked Trump for his refusal to not only accept the results of the election unless he wins, but also for refusing to take responsibility for his own actions. “He’s losing and he will not be able to accept responsibility … He’s going to try to blame it on something else — the media is against me, they rigged the election … If we can win big, he can whine all he wants,” he said. Videos from today’s events will be added when/if available.

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News Source: Fox8, Cleveland.com, The Columbus Dispatch