Bill Clinton Campaigns for Hillary in North Carolina


Bill Clinton returned to North Carolina Sunday for two campaign events. Before his scheduled rallies, Bill attended church services at Mount Zion Baptist Church and Providence Baptist Church, both in Greensboro. At each, Bill referenced Biblical prophet Isaiah saying, “We’re all going home, and all we can control is what we do between this homecoming and that homegoing. Today, or sometime between now and Nov. 8, stand up like Isaiah and say, ‘We will be repairers of the breach.’” He encouraged those attending the services to vote and make sure they have a voice in this election. “Our voice is our vote. And our vote is our voice,” he said.

In Greensboro, Bill also attended a rally at LeBauer Park where he framed the 2016 election as one of the most important elections held in decades. Once in a great while, you have an election that defines a generation. When we started, it seemed to me that America’s challenges were pretty straightforward … but because of the actions, deeds, records and proposals of the other side, it is even more fundamental,” he said. Bill then spoke about Hillary Clinton’s optimistic blueprint for America and her plans to create new jobs, increase the minimum wage, and make college more affordable. Bill also went after Donald Trump for inciting anger and negativity saying, “You’ve got one candidate that says, ‘We’re stronger together.’ The other says, ‘No we’re not.’ One says, ‘I understand your anger, but answers are what you need.’ The other says, ‘No, we don’t, we like our anger.’” A video of Clinton address at Providence Baptist Church is below.

Bill then traveled to Charlotte where he spoke at the Hickory Grove Recreational Center about the importance of voting in the election. He criticized the Trump campaign and others for a campaign based on lies saying, “The other side wants a fact-free, name-calling election. I was naive. I thought we’d have a fact-based election.” Bill outlined a number of Hillary’s key platform proposals including her plans to create jobs and invest in the economy. He concluded by asking everyone to vote on November 8th or to take advantage of early voting. A video from the event in Charlotte is below.

Meanwhile, two fundraisers were held on behalf of Hillary for America. The first was in Chicago, Illinois and featured a conversation with singer/songwriter Cher. The second event was in New York City and featured a night of karaoke with Dennis Cheng and Mike Taylor.

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News Source: Greensboro News & Record, Greensboro News & Record, The Charlotte Observer